Theory Test Case Study A

5 theory test case study scenario questions

You plan to visit a friend who lives in a town a full day’s drive away.

Two weeks before your journey, you realise that your vehicle excise license (road tax) will expire while you’re away.

At the beginning of the journey, you reach a roundabout. Another car cuts in front of you, causing you to do an emergency stop.

Later, you join the motorway, where a red X is flashing above the outside lane.

While travelling along the motorway, you start to feel tired and stop at a service station.

It’s just after 11 pm when you park outside your friend’s house.  


Why must you avoid using your horn when parked outside your friend’s house?

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What should you do at the roundabout?

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What must you do on the motorway?

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What should you do at the service station?

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What should you do two weeks before you leave?

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Case Study A
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