Theory Test Case Study C

5 Scenario questions to help you to pass your theory test

You’re driving into the town centre. The weather is cold and wet.

There are several cars parked down either side of the main road.

It’s market day and there are many pedestrians around.

Ahead of you, a large van is being unloaded on your side of the road and there’s oncoming traffic.

Later, you reach a junction with some traffic lights that aren’t working. There are several other vehicles in the area.

On your way home, your steering begins to feel a little heavy. You stop at a nearby filling station.


What’s the recommended time gap that should be left between vehicles in these weather conditions?

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What should you watch out for in this area?

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Who has right of way at the lights?

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What might cause the steering to feel this way?

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How should you react to the van?

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Case Study C
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