Theory Test Questions and Answers 2024


 Try updated theory test questions and answers 2024. You need to answer 50 multiple choice driving theory test questions within 57 minutes. You must need to answer 43 questions correctly in order to pass your driving theory test exam.

All theory test questions and answers 2024 are based on UK Highway Code Manual.

Theory Test Practice 2024

Our theory test practice exam format is similar to actual DVSA theory test exam. Practice this free online theory test 2024 and pass your DVSA theory test first time.

We are right here to assist you to get prepared for your 2023 free theory test.

We are providing you a large number of theory test mocks and theory test practice 2024 questions and answers to make certain that you will pass your theory test exam at first round.

We provide practice questions for the UK driving theory test 2024, as well as motorcycle theory test for Free.


Try our free online driving theory test 2024 practice questions, make yourself ready for your DVLA theory test 2024

We are more happy to help you with your theory test 2024 exam, our more easy and accessible mock theory tests will help you to pass your DVSA theory test much quicker.

Hardest TheoryTest 2024

All Tests

All uk driving theory test practice questions and answers, try mock theory test for FREE

Hazard Awareness

Knowing and understanding potential dangers when driving and maneuvering. Theory test practice- hazard perception test practice.

Road & Traffic Signs

Common and uncommon uk road signs rules and information; limits and parking. UK road signs and traffic signs, all questions are based on official UK Highway code manual. signs like ,one way street sign ,rule of motorway,national speed limit signs etc..

Safety & Your Vehicle

learn Maintenance, driving in bad weather, driving economically, and planning your journey. Most important driving theory test practice.

Vehicle Handing

Learn how to Drive on slippery roads, and in challenging conditions such as rain and snow. All theory test questions and answers are based on highway code manual 2021

Vulnerable Road Users

Taking care around pedestrians, cyclists, animals learner drivers, and motorcyclists. This theory test mock help you to wide your knowledge and help you to pass your DVSA theory test.

Rules Of The Road

Parking, changing lanes, intersections, speed limits and general driving rules. Try this mock driving test to increase your chances to get your driving theory test certificate quickly.

Show Me Tell Me

Questions for the show me, tell me section where you explain to the examiner how to operate and check specific parts of your car. This special test will help you to pass your driving practical test.

Motorcycle Tests

When to book your motorcycle theory test, what to take with you, how the multiple-choice questions and hazard perception test work, all bike theory test questions and answers are based on official UK Highway code manual 2021

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What Is The UK Driving Theory Test?

The UK driving theory test is a mandatory exam that all drivers must take before they do their practical driving test. The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, or DVSA introduced the theory section to the driving test to ensure that new UK drivers understand the rules and regulations of the road.

The test is divided into two parts; the multiple-choice segment, which tests your knowledge of the UK Highway Code Manual. The hazard awareness module that tests your knowledge and perception of potential hazards on the road. 

The average pass rate for the driving theory test was 46% in 2018/19. There are several sure ways of passing your driving theory test. One of the most important is by studying these three publications:

While theory test practice is good, we also believe you need to understand why your answers to the theory test are correct and not just know what they are. Having a clear understanding of the basics of driving and safety, and applying that during your theory test will aid you in passing. 

How Theory Test Guru’s Practice Theory Test Questions Can Help You Pass

The second step to a passing grade is through revision using mock theory test such as those provided by us. Through our collection of online practice theory test questions and answers 2023, you can also score the required 86% pass mark.

Our mock online tests are 100% free. Additionally our theory practice test questions are structured similarly to the DVLA test that you would take at an official exam center. In addition to helping you test your knowledge of the UK Highway Code, our mock theory tests will help you get comfortable with the format and layout of the driving theory test. 

How The Practice Theory Tests Are Structured

Our website has over 50 different mock theory tests consisting of hundreds of questions. Each question has followed up information explaining why your answer was wrong to help you better understand.

The tests are separated by category allowing you to revise theory test mock questions that focus on specific areas such as “road & traffic signs”, “safety & your vehicle”, vulnerable road users or “alertness & attitude”. Once you feel more comfortable with each category we have also created full practice theory tests that you can try. These tests draw from each of the categories and would be similar to the driving theory test that you need to pass to take your practical test.

Taking the driving theory test 2024 can seem like a daunting task because it covers a lot of information. Don’t rush, give yourself a few weeks to study for the theory test rather than try and memories everything closer to the exam. We believe that with enough study and by using our online mock theory tests to revise, you can walk into the testing center confident of a passing grade.


All You Need To Know About UK Driving Theory Test:

Your driving theory test 2024 is one of the most daunting parts of learning to drive on the road. To help you, we have more than 50 driving theory tests  for you to practice. All theory test questions and answers are very similar to what you can expect on the day. Pass your driving theory test 2024  first time with our top free theory tests.  Do your theory test practice 2024 for FREE, All theory test online questions are similar to DVSA theory test. Our theory tests are based on official UK Highway Code 2024.   

This driving theory test website features a similar format as within the actual DVSA exam. There are 50 multiple-choice theory test 2024 questions and answers which are provided at the top of the page. in order to pass your UK mock driving theory test, you need to answers 43 out of 50 multiple-choice questions correctly. This explains that only seven answers are allowed to be incorrect . However, you want to make sure you revise thoroughly and effectively to pass the driving theory test with high marks.

Doing a free online mock theory test 2024 can assist you to discover which areas you’re strong in and which areas need room for improvement. this is often a huge helps as you will cover all categories fully detail and can improve your overall knowledge. we’ve also got a Highway Code road sign test, which is straightforward and liberal to access.  

The UK driving theory test 2024 is a test of competence that UK residents take in order to get a full Great Britain or Northern Ireland (car) driving licence or to add additional full entitlements to an existing one.

Driving theory test practice vary depending on the class of vehicle to be driven. In GB ( Great Britain) it’s administered by the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) and in Northern Ireland by the Driver and Vehicle Agency (DVA).

The minimum age require for taking a UK driving test is currently 16 for mopeds and 17 for cars tests (16 for those on the higher/enhanced rate of the mobility component ). There is no upper age limit. In addition to a driving licence, a CBT certificate may be required before a moped or motorcycle is ridden on the road.

To become a category B (car) licence holder, individual need to pay a minimum of £85, split into £23 for the theory test and £62 for the practical driving test. This is not the total cost of learning to drive but rather the amount payable in test fees for a person who passes both tests on their first time. In practice it can cost considerably more, when it’s considered that most individuals do not pass both tests on the first occasion. Also This is not counting fees paid for private driving instruction.

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