Hazard Awareness

All you need to Know and understanding potential dangers when driving and maneuvering on the road. Ready yourself for driving theory test.

Roads & Signs

Common and uncommon  UK Road signs, rules and information; Speed limits and parking. Get ready for your mock theory test & practice UK road signs theory test for free. Understanding each road sign or road marking make you a good and safe driver.

Other Types Of Vehicle

Road and Line Markings Test

UK Road Signs Test 4

Rules Of The Roads 1

Alertness & Attitude

Always Stay alert while you driving, being aware of other vehicles on the road, and road conditions. Anticipating and dealing with other road users’ actions and choosing the safest lane position in good time if safe to do so. Alertness & attitude theory test questions and answers.



Case Studies

In Your Theory Test Exam You Will Be Asked 5 Case Studies Question, Practice Online Case Study Questions and Answers For Free. Let’s start case study a questions.

Case Study D

Case Study E

Motorcycle Tests

Practice your motorcycle theory test for and moped riders is provided so you can see how the DVSA motorcycle theory test works. You will need to do more revision to learn all the topics and give yourself great chance of passing.

This motorbike test has 50 questions to answers, and you need to get 43 right to pass. We have same type of test format like actual DVLA use. 

Motorcycle Theory Test 1

Motorcycle Theory Test 2

Motorcycle Theory Test 4

Motorcycle Theory Test 5

Safety & Your Vehicle

Maintenance, driving in adverse weather, driving economically, and planning your journey before you start. It is a good idea to plan your journey before you start driving. Driving theory test safety & your vehicle questions and answers.

Safety & Your Vehicle 1

Safety & Your Vehicle 2

Theory Test Simulator

Once you ready you can practice your driving theory test for free. In this section we have added 50 questions in each test to test your knowledge and see how good you are ready for your DVSA theory test. All mock theory tests format like actual dvsa theory test.

Mock Theory Test 1

This theory test contains 50 driving theory test questions

this section has 50 more questions for theory test practice

Driving Theory Test 3

another 50 mock theory test questions like dvsa exam.

Mock Theory Test 4

try to answer these 50 driving theory test questions

these 50 theory test mock questions are like dvsa theory test

Driving Theory Test 6

try to answers this 50 theory test exam questions

Theory Test Practice 7

>this test of 50 mock theory test are bit harder,practice theory test now

50 theory test questions answers similar to dvsa theory test,try now

DVSA Theory Test 9

contain another set of 50 driving theory test questions

OnlineTheory Test 10

50 similar mock theory test questions to real driving theory test

50 UK Theory Questions

these questions are based on official UK Highway code

Show Me Tell Me

learn show ne tell me questions and pass your dvla theory driving test faster

Vehicle Handling

Driving on slippery roads, and in challenging conditions such as rain and snow. Learn how to deal with bad weather and how to drive safely in bad weather condition. Mock theory test vehicle handling questions and answers.

Vulnerable Road Users

Taking care around pedestrians, cyclists, animals learner drivers, and motorcyclists, they are most vulnerable road users. Always drive carefully . Theory test questions and answers for vulnerable road users.


Others-Towing trailers and caravans, and carrying roof racks and passengers.

Documents-MOT, road tax, insurance, Pass Plus and your driving license.


UK driving theory test Founded in 1996, the Driving Theory Test is intended to make sure drivers knowledge of road knowledge and security is comprehensive and it isn’t restricted to just how to practically drive a car.

A fresh portion of this idea theory Test which was earned in 2001 is your Hazard Perception Test, this is a video-based evaluation built to examine your capacity to detect threats in the street.

It is imperative to pass on your uk driving Theory Test before you’re able to choose your Practical Test.

Finding your way through the UK Theory Test goes hand in hand with learning how to operate a vehicle, and it will help you improve your practical skills in the event that you revise and learn your driving theory simultaneously along with your driving lessons.

As a way to gain your Driving Theory Test certificate, you’re expected to pass both aspects of the exam — both the Hazard Perception and Theory Test questions. If you fail either of those sections it is imperative to consider the whole exam — Practice is key to get your theory test certificate.