Hazard Awareness 1

Hazard Awareness 2

UK Driving Test

Staying alert while driving, being conscious of other vehicles on the road, and road conditions. Knowing and understanding potential dangers when driving and maneuvering. This Uk driving test help you to drive safe on the road.

In general, whenever you drive towards a hazard you ought to reduce your speed. Hazards are anything which will cause you to hamper , change direction or stop. Again, if your stuck for a solution always select the safest option.

 When driving, if you start to feel tired you should always find a safe, convenient place to stop and rest. If no such place is instantly available you ought to open a window and permit an honest supply of fresh air into the car. On an extended journey always take regular rest breaks. Regular stops help maintain concentration.

When driving on a motorway if you start to feel tired you should leave the motorway at the next exit, find a safe place to stop and rest.Maintaining high levels of concentration is essential for road safety. 

Whenever a driver’s concentration levels dip or are under threat they ought to stop and rest until they’re capable of maintaining the high levels of concentration needed to drive safely.

 Give cyclists plenty of room. They may wobble or swerve to avoid drains or potholes. When travelling in slow traffic, before you switch left, check for cyclists filtering through the traffic on your left.

At junctions or traffic lights give them time to show or shy away .

UK driving test tips

Look out for motorcyclists, especially when you’re:

  • emerging from a junction.
  • turning into a road on your right.
  • changing lanes or moving out to overtake.
  • A driver does something to upset you. You should try not to react, ignore the error and stay calm.
  • A flashing amber beacon on a vehicle signifies that the vehicle is slow moving.
  • If your eyesight becomes poor you should tell the licensing authority.
  • An automatic car uses ‘kick-down’ for quick acceleration.
  • In areas where there are traffic calming measures you ought to drive at a reduced speed.
  • The only time you’re permitted to use hazard warning lights while moving is that if you’re on a motorway or toll road and you would like to warn other road users of a hazard ahead.
  • At a junction where the traffic lights have failed you ought to be prepared to prevent for any traffic.
    Convex mirrors are slightly curved. This allows a wider field of vision.
  • Low bridges – give way to buses and lorries when approaching them. In order to drive under the bridge tall vehicles will have to take up position in the centre of the road, as this is where the highest point of the bridge is.
  • When following a cyclists be aware that the cyclist may swerve out into the road.